Introducing MARS & BOLI

MARS TTS and BOLI Translator — built from the ground up for voice localization is now in production.

Voice Emotion Preservation with < 3 seconds of input

Our techniques doesn't just translate speech; it captures and conveys the speaker's original emotional tone and nuances. This ensures that the translated content remains as powerful and engaging as the original, maintaining the speaker's intended impact
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To Japanese
From English
To Arabic
From Mandarin Chinese
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State of the art, any to any language VC and TTS

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✅ Zero-shot voice cloning with emotion preservation  

✅ Largest collection of low and high resource languages

✅ Multi-speaker support with ambient audio

MARS and BOLI are a revolution in content localization. supports over 100 languages, accents, and dialects.

Our ability to  translate even the most low-resource languages, such as Afrikaans, Malay, and Basque, stands testament to our commitment to making global communication more inclusive.

Revolutionary Speech Technology Born from Extensive Research, officially founded in 2022, emerged from three years of intensive speech technology research conducted by our experienced core team. Our diverse team is composed of AI experts and engineers, boasting experience from prestigious institutions and leading companies, including Carnegie Mellon University, Interspeech, Apple, Zee Media, and Tata Communications.

Break Through Global Barriers

Expand your content's reach across the globe, in any language you desire.

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