Dub your content in every language.

Use our AI to colloquially translate your content in 78+ languages, while preserving your voice.


hours dubbed


faster output



With revolutionary features that will blow your mind.

Our state-of-the-art AI technology utilises a various set of algorithms to deliver the most accurate dubbing experience.

Everything you need to make your content accessible.

We provide you with the tools to make your content accessible to a global audience from start to end. We don't just dub your content, and leave you to figure out the rest.


Identify the right international markets for your content with DubAnalyze.

DubAnalyze uses AI-based assessments to automatically determine which languages your content should be dubbed in to maximize ROI.

Free AI analysis

Our AI analyses your content and identifies insights and patterns across multiple languages.

Refined Targeting

Instead of randomly choosing languages to dub in, our AI snipershot identifies the right languages where your content will have the highest ROI in.

Helical Growth

With a day by day growing community of international viewers, CAMB.AI enables you to find a helical growth pattern for your content.


Dub your content in the highest ROI languages with DubStudio.

DubStudio allows you to easily recreate your content in multiple languages using AI-based language localization and automated dubbing.

Automatic indexing

Import all your original content with a single click. DubStudio automatically indexes your content and prepares it for the dubbing process.

Hyper-real Dubbing

CAMB.AI is the most powerful zero-shot dubbing AI. With our advanced features, you can create professional-quality colloquial dubs in your voice in a few clicks.

A Full-Fledged Editor

DubStudio is the all-in-one dubbing solution for localization post-production. Our feature-rich editor allows you to make any edits necessary, if needed that is.


Conduct quality assurance on dubbed content with DubSy.

DubSy is chrome extension that allows your audience to watch your content in multiple languages with a single-click!

Enable your audience

DubSy (CAMB.AI's chrome extension) allows your audience to watch your content in multiple languages with a single-click!

Scale Your QA

Dubsy enables your audience to report feedback, quality assurance issues, and more, allowing you to scale your QA process.

Grow 10x

Dubsy enables us to link you directly with international audiences for an immediate multiplicative effect on your content.


Expand Your Reach and Connect with Audiences Worldwide..

From analyzing your channel to determining the best ROI, to creating high-quality dubs using AI-based localization and automated dubbing, CAMB.AI is the ultimate solution for creators who want to connect with audiences across all languages and cultures.

Just Launched

Now dub videos on the fly, with DubSy

DubSy enables comprehensive quality assurance by providing creators with a simple browser extension to ensure the accuracy and quality of dubbed content.

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