Dub content in every language in your own voice

Use our AI to colloquially translate your videos into 100+ languages with accents and dialects, while preserving your voice.


50X faster output

10X cheaper

50K+ hours dubbed

Supporting 100s of top enterprises and creators across platforms

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Revolutionary video localization features that will blow your audience's minds.

Translate videos colloqually

Colloquial Translations

Most AI engines output translations that are overly formal and literal. We can translate colloquially to sound natural even to a native speaker.

AI Voice Cloning

Voice Preservation

From just one video, our AI can mimic your voice in 70+ languages. We utilize your own voice, ensuring that your identity, tone, and personality are preserved.

Clone videos with multiple speakers

Multi-Speaker Support

Camb.ai can dub videos with multiple speakers while preserving their identities, tones, and personalities.

Preserve background audio while voice cloning

Background Preservation

Our AI preserves background noise and music with high accuracy, making your dub sound natural and authentic.

Generate subtitles for videos

Context-Aware Subtitling

No more broken, laughable subtitles. Our AI delivers colloquial, context-aware translations for a seamless viewing experience.

Grow your audience globally

AI-Driven Growth

Our AI identifies and targets international viewers and speakers with personalized content, maximizing engagement with your audience.

Make your content accessible to everyone.

Our end-to-end localization tools ensure your content reaches a global audience, transcending language barriers, cultural differences, and boundaries.

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Go multi-lingual on Social Media

A wider Youtube audience not only means more views, but also increases the scope for ad revenue, sponsorships, and other forms of brand partnerships.

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Widen audiences for your films

Movies, documentaries, and other forms of films incur large production costs, so making them accessible to the whole world should become the norm.

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Make your courses more accessible

Dub your existing educational content into all the languages you wish to distribute it in. Knowledge should never be hindered from spreading.

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Broadcast sporting events multilingually

Get your sporting events the massive international audiences it deserves. Grow your fanbase, and engage with them like never before.

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Let your marketing content reach everyone

Tap into new markets and demographics by embracing multilingual marketing. Outperform competitors by expanding your reach.

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Improved employee & customer engagement

Multilingual training boosts inclusivity, while engaging customers in their language enhances trust and satisfaction.