makes sports history with MLS's multilingual live-streams

Dubai, UAE – April 2, 2024 – shattered language barriers in the world of sports on April 2nd during the 2024 Generation Adidas Cup. In a groundbreaking moment, our AI technology seamlessly translated an MLS Next Pro match into French, Spanish, and Portuguese, resonating alongside the original English broadcast. This marks a new era where sports become truly borderless, a triumph made possible by our relentless pursuit of universal connection.

Seamless Experience, Global Reach

Our technology isn't just about translation. It's about preserving the energy, passion, and authenticity of the original commentators, ensuring a truly immersive experience for fans around the globe. We want everyone to feel the thrill of the game in their own language.

"We're on a mission to make sports more accessible and inclusive," said Avneesh Prakash, CEO of "Language shouldn't be a barrier to enjoying the excitement of live sports. With, it doesn't have to be." as a part of MLS Innovation lab creates history by dubbing a live-stream in 4 languages.

Watch the stream  in Portuguese HERE 

Watch the stream in French HERE

Watch the stream in Spanish HERE

Watch the stream in English Original HERE

Beyond the MLS

Our partnership with the MLS Innovation Lab made this historic broadcast possible. This program demonstrates a shared commitment to driving sports technology forward.

Our impact reaches far beyond a single match. We've disrupted sports broadcasting at events like the Australian Open and Major League Soccer. Our solutions have even caught the eye of global YouTubers with millions of followers.

The recent MLS Next Pro broadcast is a major milestone, but it's only the beginning.  At, we'll continue working tirelessly alongside the MLS Innovation Lab to create a world where sports are more immersive, accessible, and inclusive for every fan.

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