Joins Major League Soccer's Prestigious MLS Innovation Lab

Announcing's Inclusion in MLS's Inaugural Innovation Lab

We're excited to share some fantastic news from the family! We've been selected to join the inaugural MLS Innovation Lab, a move that aligns perfectly with our vision at This opportunity to collaborate with Major League Soccer (MLS) is not just an achievement for us – it's a gateway to new possibilities in the realm of sports technology.

MLS and Pioneering the Future Together

MLS has always been at the vanguard of integrating technology into the world of sports, and their decision to launch the MLS Innovation Lab is a testament to this. The league has consistently been a trendsetter, whether it's through significant partnerships like the one with Apple or innovative solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with the MLS Innovation Lab, they're taking another significant step in shaping the future of sports.


Our inclusion in this esteemed program speaks volumes about our unique capabilities. is designed to transcend language barriers in the sports industry, offering translation in over 100 languages and 50 dialects. Our technology ensures that the authenticity of multi-speaker videos is maintained, making sports content universally accessible and relatable.

Selected from hundreds of companies,'s role in hyper-realistic AI dubbing and translation is what set us apart. We're not just breaking language barriers; we're crafting a new way for fans around the world to experience sports in real time, in their own language.

A Shared Vision for Global Sports Engagement

This partnership with MLS isn't just about technology. It's about connecting with fans globally, about enhancing the way sports content is consumed. As MLS continues to innovate and expand its reach, will be right there, bringing down linguistic barriers and opening up a world of possibilities for fans everywhere.

Looking Ahead: and MLS

As part of the MLS Innovation Lab, we're poised to test and refine our technology in real-world scenarios within the MLS ecosystem. This is more than just an opportunity to showcase our capabilities; it's a chance to revolutionize the way sports content is broadcasted and experienced.

We're not just celebrating an entry into a program; we're embarking on a journey to redefine fan engagement in sports. With and MLS working together, the future of sports broadcasting is bright, and we can't wait to see where this partnership takes us.

Stay connected with us for more updates on our exciting journey with MLS. Here's to breaking new ground in sports technology and fan engagement – one language at a time!

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