is now part of Tennis Australia's AO Startups Program is excited to announce our partnership with AO StartUps, Tennis Australia's initiative aimed at promoting technological innovation in sports. As a new member of this dynamic program, we hit the ground running with our involvement in the Australian Open 2024, showcasing our groundbreaking AI technology.

Breaking Language Barriers

Our debut at the Australian Open demonstrated our commitment to making sports more accessible. By providing real-time multilingual dubbing and translation for player interviews, we brought fans closer to their heroes, regardless of language differences.

Experience our technology's impact firsthand. Watch this video from the Australian Open's official YouTube channel, highlighting our ability to quickly dub player interviews into multiple languages, connecting fans worldwide.

Collaboration at Its Best

This partnership is just the beginning of our journey with Tennis Australia and AO StartUps. Our technology transcends traditional translation, capturing the essence and excitement of live sports to ensure every fan feels part of the action.

"'s innovative approach to overcoming language barriers in sports aligns perfectly with our vision. Their work at the Australian Open is a prime example of the potential AI holds to transform the fan experience." - Xavier Muhlebach, Head of Original Content at Tennis Australia

Future Forward

Akshat Prakash,'s Co-Founder & CTO, shares his enthusiasm: "Joining the AO StartUps program is not only an honor but a testament to our team's hard work. The Australian Open was just the start, and we're excited about the future possibilities."

Our commitment goes beyond just providing cutting-edge technology; we're focused on ensuring an authentic and respectful fan experience, honoring the integrity of the sport and its athletes.

As we continue our collaboration with Tennis Australia and AO StartUps, we're not just expanding our tech capabilities; we're reimagining the global sports viewing experience. is set to make sports broadcasting more inclusive and engaging for fans around the world.

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